Midcountry Greenwich Interior Remodel

Here is an image of a recently completed interior renovation project that we designed here in Greenwich.  We are really pleased with how the shower & toilet room came out.  We used full-height low-iron, starfire glass doors and panels that are installed totally frameless.  Between the door to the toilet room, and the shower door, we installed a 3/4 height stone tile wall to accommodate a heated towel bar requested by the homeowner.  We used the top of this stone tile wall as a datum and etched the glass everywhere below that datum line to provide privacy in the shower and toilet room, but left all the glass clear above the datum line.  We feel that it is important in this space to leave the glass clear above the datum, so that your eye does not stop at the wall, but you are allowed to perceive the depth of the overall space.

The tolerances involved in a detail such as this are very tight-to-nonexistent.