Taking credit for other's work

The secret to creativity is knowing how to hide your sources.  Albert Einstein

Yesterday, I saw a project of ours published on the internet.  Not in a magazine, or referred to in a blog.  Not on a landscape architect's website, or on the General Contractor's website.  But on another Architect's website!

Let's backtrack.  A year or so ago, I interviewed for a new house on a wonderful street in Fairfield, Connecticut.  I did not get the commission for the project and, although disappointed, did not think much more about it.  This summer, I was driving by the property and noticed a particular architect's sign in the front yard.  Although I made a mental note who was awarded the project, again, I did not think much more about it.  Yesterday, I got curious about the project and took a look at the architect's website to see if there were any images of the house and poolhouse.  Well, it was not up on this architect's website yet, but we were shocked to find an image of one of OUR projects in his portfolio.  Unbelievable.

And there is no ambiguity here.  There can be no mistake.  Our work (as well as the work of the very talented landscape architect) in his portfolio as if he had anything to do with the project - he didn't.  The irony is that he might have gotten the new house project, in some small part, by showing the prospective client our work.  Wow.  It will be interesting to see how this phone call goes.