After working for the past 18 years at our office in Greenwich, CT, we have decided to move our office a little closer to home in Westport, CT. Our incredible space on Saugatuck Avenue has been designed to foster creativity and collaboration in a space that is significantly larger than our former office on Greenwich Avenue.



The short answer is, Westport is home.

Lisa Mockler Taylor has spent most of her life in Westport. She went through the Westport school system and graduated from Staples. Lisa remembers when Westport had a movie theater downtown, when the Senior Housing Facility on Bridge Street was Saugatuck Elementary School, when the current Saugatuck Elementary School was Bedford Middle School, and when the Black Duck was . . . well, it was the Black Duck.

When Lisa and Sean were married, they decided to make Westport their home. Lisa and Sean have lived in town for the past 18 years. They have two kids (one at Saugatuck and one at Staples), participated (and coached) Rec basketball, softball, baseball, etc. They have had a competitive rower at Saugatuck Rowing Club and one in the cub scouts. Further, Lisa currently sits on the Town of Westport Public Site and Building Commission and has been an integral member of the Westport Center for Senior Activities Building Committee.

Basically, our personal lives are firmly rooted in Westport, it only makes sense that our office is as well.



Westport is such a nice town, but its residential architecture is largely uninspired. With some notable exceptions, the town’s residential landscape is disproportionately represented by spec houses that are meant to appeal to a broad buyers market. The result is that Westport has a lot of fairly generic homes.

The work that Mockler Taylor Architects has been doing throughout Fairfield and Westchester Counties is completely the opposite of the generic spec house. We believe that Architecture has the ability to enrich peoples lives in a very personal way not only physically but also as a psychological sanctuary.  Much like a well-tailored outfit has an effect on the way you feel and experience the world, the design quality of your environment is integral to the quality of life, especially your home. As such, your home should say something about “you” and not just be an amalgamation of the latest design trends meant to appeal to the broadest possible market.

The homes that we have designed for our clients over the past couple of decades are beautiful in their design, functional for their owners and lasting over time. We take great pride in the rigor that we bring to the design process to refine the proportions of the architecture, to generate details that support the architectural idea made of high-quality materials and to produce architectural spaces that “sing”.



We have deliberately designed our business to bring the greatest value to our clients and to produce the best possible projects.

  • THIS ISN’T OUR FIRST RODEO . . . We have had a singular focus on high-end residential architecture since Lisa graduated from the Rhode Island School of Design in 1991, and since Sean graduated from Clemson University in 1996. We have worked on hundreds of projects in all scales and styles, worked with many different towns and municipal agencies, and many different builders, tradesmen and suppliers. Although we design homes specifically for our clients, and we work collaboratively with them, we provide rigorous guidance through the design and construction process - from the initial phone call, to the final punch-list.

  • OUR CLIENTS WORK WITH US . . . We have kept our firm deliberately small and take on a limited amount of work so that Lisa and Sean can not only manage every project, but produce drawings as well. As opposed to other firms that use “project architects” (which can be only a couple of years out of school) to do most of the work on a project, our clients work directly with either Sean or Lisa. When you call, you will talk directly with us. When the builder has a question in the field, one of the principals will be there to answer it. And since we actually participate in the production of the Construction Drawings, we actually know what we are talking about.

  • WE WORK FOR YOU . . . Every client is different, and every site has unique characteristics, so a generic solution does not make sense to us. We work closely with our clients to achieve what they want. You tell us what you want, we show you how to get there. And since we design in a 3D CAD software, our clients can see what their project will look like and feel like before it is ever built.

So, we invite you to take a minute to look through our website. Take a look through some sample projects in our portfolio and see what some of our past clients and builders are saying about us. We are VERY PASSIONATE about what we do and we would love to show you.