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 Hi, welcome to Mockler Taylor Architects.

Thank you for visiting our site!  Our focused, boutique firm is based in Greenwich, Connecticut and our business has been in high-gear the past 17 years– which means we are in the unique position of being old enough to have a wealth of design experience, but young enough to remain passionate about architecture. 

We specialize in high-end residential architecture.  Although we have designed some small, commercial spaces, our focus is on beautiful custom homes and residential renovations that are specifically tailored to our clients and the particular characteristics of their site.  Lisa Mockler and Sean Taylor each have over 20 years experience designing bespoke, custom homes and our benchmark standards are high.  Each property is unique and each client has different goals and desires.  Whether you are seeking to renovate a traditional residence with special attention to period detail, or to build a new modern, minimalist showcase of contemporary design, we believe our knowledge and design versatility are second to none. 

Our goal is to create timeless spaces and multi-layered environments that forge an emotional connection between the architecture and it's inhabitants.  We believe that exemplary architecture has a profound effect on how we view, understand and appreciate our lives.  We take this very seriously and go into every project with the intent of producing our best work.

We would like to work with you to help create an inspirational home unique to you.  In order to achieve this important goal, we focus our practice on three key areas:  leadership, relationship and creativity.

  • Leadership:  The design and construction of a home is a long and complex process involving a large number of options and choices as well as a number of different consultants, builders, suppliers, tradesmen, municipal agencies. . . It can quickly become overwhelming.  We provide direction through the design and construction process based on many years of experience in the high-end residential market.  Our knowledge of this process, the resources we have available and the systems that we have in place, help to remove some of the anxiety of the design/construction process and provide an opportunity for our clients to feel more confident in their project and have fun creating their future home.
  • Relationship:  We consider our clients as integral to the design process.  Every client's goals, dreams and circumstances are unique.  And while they may not be able to articulate it yet, most people know what they like and don't like in a house.  We work very closely with our clients to help leverage their own thinking about design and to reinforce their strengths and capabilities.  This can be seen in our design meetings, where we do not present the client with our grand vision of the house, but we roll out the trace paper and refine ideas together.
  • Creativity:  We work hard to continually expand our knowledge and capabilities as it relates to residential design.  Although we address our client's wishes directly, we often provide less obvious alternative solutions to help expand our client's thinking about the project.  Our design work follows our unique iterative process that allows us to test different ideas, look at the same problem in different ways, and continually refine the design of the home.

Let's work together, we are ready to get started!